Concept Insight

Months of engineering work can be reduced to weeks. The advanced software rapidly designs and visualizes facilities as 3D models based on the design basis, a master equipment list, and a description of process flow. Engineering automation is used for rapid creation, testing, simulation, assessment and adjustment of design concepts. Different solutions can be found, according to parameters such as weight, temperature or pressure requirements and new scenarios can be rapidly trialed if these parameters change.

Rapid Comparison of Costed Scenarios

With concept cost, product, installation and life of field cost calculated, the net present value (NPV) of scenarios can easily be determined for each field development proposal. Customers can compare and review multiple scenarios at a fraction of the time and cost previously possible.

Mature Front-End Delivery

Very quickly the project can move from concept select into FEED stages. The design basis and field layout of topsides and subsea systems, including the product assessment and selection, and installation methods can be evaluated and the optimum method tested and confirmed.

A more mature and complete delivery in the front end phase reduces the number of hours required in engineering and construction phases.


ix3 Field Collaboration

The Field Collaboration app improves project quality by hosting the data of multiple contractors and project disciples, allowing internal and external communication that is coordinated, with stored case data and version control.

Field Modeler

Field Modeler helps create multiple concept designs. It assists visual generation of early phase field layout concepts, rapidly and efficiently in collaboration with customers and their subcontractors.

ix3 Subsea Configurator

Subsea configurator is a tool for subsea system product selection. The application provides a system solution optimized to meet field requirements and customer needs, drawing on previous designs.

ix3 Equipment Generator

Equipment Generator rapidly establishes consistent equipment lists. This key information for weight and cost estimates of all facilities provides a sustainable foundation to carry into FEED. This minimizes the risk of an increase in equipment and related cost, weight and volume.

ix3 Facility Modeler

The facility modeler application rapidly establishes a 3D model of a topside layout, based on several high-level parameters, such as a master equipment list (MEL) and a description of process parameters. It enables reuse of designs and solutions, supporting greater standardization.

ix3 Weight Estimator

The weight estimator application enables rapid evaluation of multiple concepts, and early warnings of undesirable weight or changes to Center of Gravity. It aims to optimize the process of evaluating different concepts for customers.

ix3 Cost Estimator

The cost estimator application develops estimates of capital expenditures for topsides, from detailed design to assembled modules ready for transportation offshore.

ix3 Field Casebook

The field casebook application enables calculation of total product, installation and life of field cost for an asset. It supports study concepts for topside and production of economy input.

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