Construction Insight

Real-time insight and a connected workforce working from centralized data is critical to effectively manage and optimize work processes. Major capital project performance is optimized by putting in place an infrastructure to digitalize project management and control. This framework assists fabrication yards, workshops or offshore teams during construction activities and execution of work orders, and when operating in the field.

Moving from paper-based processes to a connected digital workplace helps reduce administration and coordination costs and increase quality in the fabrication phase. A connected digital workplace also removes the risk of ineffective processes, lost information and human error that manual, paper-based processes can represent.

Drive Continuous Improvement

Customers gain full insight in real-time project execution and performance status, through shared data and project management dashboards tailored towards relevant levels and functions. The centralized platform is automatically kept up to date with latest status, revisions, and progress reports helping teams drive quality and continuous improvement through tracking performance and trends.

Seamless Quality Control

Safety and efficiency is embedded into the platform, simplifying compliance and helping to standardize execution. Work tasks flow between roles as work progresses, seamlessly transferring through construction stages. All drawings and data relevant to a particular project are recorded, kept up-to-date, and kept accessible to relevant workers.

Workers and inspection personnel are automatically verified, ensuring only those with the correct qualifications and training carry out tasks assigned to them. User profiles are adapted to each role, providing a relevant and secure snapshot into a communal project.


ix3 Weld Manager

The weld manager application simplifies and controls compliance as well as tracks performance and trends in the welding process. It follows the lifecycle of the welding process from engineering to welding, non-destructive testing and inspection, and provides gated access to up-to-date weld documentation for certified operators.

ix3 Project Completion

The project completion application provides customers, suppliers and personnel onshore and offshore access to up-to-date project progress and task data. It is a valuable tool during execution and follow up of completion activities.

ix3 Work Orders

The work order application enables rapid and organized planning and use of progress reporting of work orders when in field, increasing time to ensure good quality of deliverable. The user-friendly application holds all necessary information to execute work orders within schedule.

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